Preliminary race info

Startlists and results

Starting times

13.45 Boys and girls 9-11 years 2 km

13.50 Boys and girls 13-15 years 4 km

14.00 MiniCross 1 km

14.20 Classic 18 km

14.25 Economy 7 km 

Late entries are accepted at the registration desk on the race day from 12.00 a.m. until one hour before the start of each class.

The schedule is, so far, preliminary. Look for updates at the website

The start area is reserved only for runners of the following scheduled starting group.

Warming up starts 15 minutes before each start at the starting area.

Changing rooms are available at the Leppävaara stadium. Only a limited number of showers are available.

Clothes can be left in a guarded deposit before the start. Each runner marks his/her race number on the bag with a marker pen. During the race, the clothes will be transported to the stadium building, where you can reclaim your bag after the race by showing your race number. Don’t leave valuables in your bag.

Valuables can be left in the Safety Deposit Service free of cost. You can reclaim your valuables after the race by showing your race number. Also, the lost and found items can be reclaimed here.

Race numbers must be worn clearly visible on the chest during the whole race. It is not allowed to bend or crunch the race numbers. By showing your race number after the finish you are entitled to the service. Race numbers will be picked up by the organiser at the Finish and you will get a ticket that entitles you to enter the swimming hall.

At the Finish you should follow the advice given by the officials.

Swimming and sauna are included in the entry fees of all classes. Your race number entitles you to enter the Swimming Hall from 2.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. on the race day. During this time the whole facility is reserved for eCross participants. The Swimming Hall cannot be used as a changing room before the run. To avoid crowding and to guarantee everybody’s comfort we recommend you to visit the Swimming Hall only for a reasonable time.

Parking is free for all eCross participants in the parking areas of the Leppävaara Sports Park, gymnasium, Sports Hall and Swimming Hall on the race day from 11 a.m. till 7 p.m.

During the race day you can buy running equipment and sport articles at the stadium area for reasonable prices and get acquainted with new ones.

A medal will be given to all finishers at the Finish area. The organisers can guarantee medals only the amount of participants that have entered at latest on the 31st of July 2019.

First aid is organized at the start and Finish are and along the course..

Refreshment Stations are placed along the different courses and at Start & Finish. They offer water and sports drink and also something small to eat.

Toilets are placed at the Start & Finish area.

Start lists and results will be set out on the wall on the back of the stadium. Final results will be published on the Internet.

Time will be taken for everybody in all classes except Mini Cross. The Finish will be closed at 6.00 p.m.

Courses are marked with Espoon Suunta -ribbons and eCross signs. At the crossroads there are officials showing the way. Classic 18 km class there is a sign at each kilometer along the course.

Dropping out the race should always be reported at the nearest First Aid Station, Refreshment Station or to any race official. Reporting entitles the participant to all services and products (excl. medal) available at the Finish area.

Cross Over Café serves the runners as well as all supporters and the public at the Finish area.  Live music. Welcome!

Think about the environment! We kindly ask the participants equipped with bottles and gel tubes of their own to throw the empty ones in the waste containers at the refreshment stations. Thank you!