Economy 7 k

The Economy Class at eCross is a Fun Run for those of you who are not yet ready to meet the Classic challenge, but still want to experience the nice atmosphere and run in the nature.

The Start is at the Leppävaara Stadium area at 11.20. There is a warm up before the race. The Finish is placed at the stadium itself. The Economy Class is run at the same time with all other 7 km classes and starts together with Classic 18 km.

The course goes through undulating terrain on a comfortable surface. There is one Refreshment Station along the course, where you will be served water and sports drink. After the Finish you will find a separate refreshment station for recovery. There is one First Aid Station along the course and a fully equipped First Aid Station in the Finish area.

No awards based on placing are given at the Economy Class. All finishers are included in the drawing of lottery prizes. The results will be published as one list on the Internet, without taking age or gender into account. Time is not the main thing in this class, but all runners in the race will be timed.