Courses and distances

The Starts take place at the Leppävaara Stadium area. The Finish is at the stadium. Exact starting times will be published later.

There are Refreshment Stations along the coursies and and in the Starting Area serving water and sports drink. After the Finish there is a separate service station for recovery. There are First Aid Stations along the courses and a fully equipped First Aid Station at the Finish area.

The entry fee includes: participation, medal, service before, during and after the race, swimming and sauna, expo, free child care, free car parking and additional programme.

It is also possible to enter at the stadium on the race day.

Classic 18 km

Men: up to 40, 50, 55 and 60
Women: up to 40, 50 and 60

Economy Class 7 km

Men and women, no age groups

Mini Cross 1 km

Junior 2 km and 4 km

2 km:
Boys: 8-11
Girls: 8-11

4 km:
Boys: 12-15
Girls: 12-15

Classic 18 km

Economy Class 7km

Junior 4km
Junior 2 km
Minicross 1km