eCross is back on September 15th 2019!

eCross is a complete sports event in Finland, and it still has a splendid reputation amonge runners even after several years since the latest race. eCross offers challenge and running experiences for everybody.

The goal for eCross is to activate large numbers of people and increase their interest in health promotive activities.

Invest in your well-being and join the cross-country happening! eCross turns you all into active outdoor sports enthusiasts on your own level.

The running and walking surface at eCross is very pleasant as it varies between grass, gravel, paths, meadows, fields, sawdust and small roads in the forests. The smooth surface guarantees smaller risk of injury and the natural environment gives the kind of variability and meaningfulness that can never be achieved when running among cars and traffic. The courses tolerate even harder rain. 

The organizers of eCross are Orienteering Club Espoon Suunta from Espoo, Kisakallio Sports Institute and the City of Espoo.

The respect for the environment is crucial for the success of eCross. eCross is arranged in a park and a forest area used extensively for sports and other outdoor activities by the inhabitants of Espoo. In cooperation with the City of Espoo we are striving to preserve the area’s quality for natural physical activities despite future construction and building projects in its immediate neighbourhood.

eCross is an event with perfect service and unbelievably lovely and relaxed atmosphere throughout the line.

9th eCross is now over. Thank you for all participants.  The results can be found from following link below.

Welcome to join us again and continue the tradition!


Courses and distances

All courses go along small roads, paths and trails in the recreational park and woods in Leppävaara.

The Starts take place at the Leppävaara Stadium area. The Finish is at the stadium. Exact starting times will be published later.

There are Refreshment Stations along the coursies and and in the Starting Area serving water and sports drink. After the Finish there is a separate service station for recovery. There are First Aid Stations along the courses and a fully equipped First Aid Station at the Finish area.

The entry fee includes: participation, medal, service before, during and after the race, swimming and sauna, expo, free child care, free car parking and additional programme.

You can enter either using the entry form found on the Juoksija-magazines system.

It is also possible to enter at the stadium on the race day.

Classic 18 km

Men: up to 40, 50, 55 and 60
Women: up to 40, 50 and 60

Economy Class 7 km

Mini Cross 1 km


Junior 2 km and 4 km

2 km:
Boys: 8-11
Girls: 8-11

4 km:
Boys: 12-15
Girls: 12-15

Classic 18 km
Economy Class 7km
Junior 4km
Junior 2 km
Minicross 1km

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